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CM Punk: I’m Back

Jack Goodwillie discusses CM Punk’s legacy and his long-awaited return to wrestling.

Jerkin’ the Curtain

The founder of Fightful, Jimmy Van, discusses WWE’s ratings decline and AEW’s continuous rise in popularity.

The Mailbag

Where your wrestling questions get answered by Fightful contributors.

John Cena’s WWE Return

It was a long time coming but John Cena finally returned to WWE.

The Thunder Rosa Wave

Thunder Rosa has proven she’s a force both in and out of the ring.

The Wrestlers’ Tribune: Cody Deaner

Cody Deaner has focused on change, evolution and growth over his 20-year wrestling career.

Walk And Talk: My Match with Brian Lee

What happens when a local independent wrestler goes against former WWE Superstar Brian Lee?

Part Four of An Interview With “The Dragon”

Jimmy Van brings us one of the most honest interviews from Ricky Steamboat that you’ll ever read.

RIP ThunderDome

The WWE ThunderDome got the job done during the most unconventional circumstances of the past year.

Why the “Fire Pro Wrestling” Series Matters

Exclusive to Japan until 2000, the “Fire Pro Wrestling” series is nothing short of legendary.

Fightful’s Where Are They Now: The Steiner Brothers

The Steiner Brothers remain one of the greatest tag teams in wrestling history

From Tyson to Paul: The Boxing Circus Is Coming to Town

The rise in celebrities, social media influencers and non-boxers getting into the ring has become a concerning issue for the sport of boxing.

The Last Word

Managing Editor of, Sean Ross Sapp, discusses the contributors from Issue 04 of Fightful Magazine.

Customer Reviews

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Michael Pennell
Awesome Wrestling Magazine

This is an awesome wrestling magazine to read and I would recommend it to my family and friends.

Magdalena Kostadinova

Fightful Magazine Issue 04 (Sept/Oct 2021) - Print Edition

Fightful Magazine issue 04 ( Sept/Oct 2021) - Print Edition

This is a great magazine, I will definitely be ordering more.

Jacob Kirk
CM Punk Cover

I sub'd to this Mag because I knew there'd be great coverage of CM Punk's return. I was not disappointed, great stories and CM Punk on the Cover! I have really enjoyed the past two issues and look forward to each new one!

Scott Druyan
Fightful Magazine

Enjoyed the magazine immensely! Looking forward to future issues.