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Danhausen: Who Is He and Why Is He Everywhere?

Danhausen has become quite the character to watch across the independent wrestling scene.

Jerkin’ the Curtain

The founder of Fightful, Jimmy Van, discusses the Fightful team and this issue of Fightful Magazine.

The Mailbag

Where your wrestling questions get answered by Fightful contributors.

The Wrestlers’ Tribune: EC3

EC3 discusses the inspiration for the imaginative storytelling of #ControlYourNarrative.

Matt Cardona: The Cockroach of Wrestling?

It doesn’t matter where, when, or who his opponent is because Matt Cardona is Alwayz Ready.

The Fighters’ Tribune: Nate Marquardt 

Nate Marquardt reflects on his MMA career.

Viper, Piper Niven. Doudrop. What’s in the Name?

This determined WWE Superstar won’t be held back by her new name.

2021: The Year of the Deathmatch

Over 2021, the deathmatch has become a popular staple in wrestling promotions around the world.

My Sensational Meeting

Jimmy Van talks about his sensational meeting with Sherri Martel.

The Legend of Minoru Suzuki and His 2021 USA Tour

There isn’t anyone more legendary than Minoru Suzuki when it comes to Pancrase.

Jake Paul: Boxing’s Best Heel or Biggest Opportunist?

Carlos Toro breaks down what really makes Jake Paul stand out from other social media stars in boxing.

In the Heat of Success: Looking Back on “WCW/nWo Revenge”

“WCW/nWo Revenge” serves as not only a memorable gameplay experience but an interesting time capsule in wrestling history.

The Last Word

Managing Editor of, Sean Ross Sapp, discusses the contributors from Issue 05 of Fightful Magazine.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Todd Jensen

Enjoyed the articles and thought the magazine was well put together

Chris Rains
Awesome magazine

The Danhausen article was very good with great information & entertaining. There is a little of everything in the magazine for whatever your tastes are.

Joseph Thornton

It’s always such a great magazine to read and I get so excited whenever the new issue is in the mailbox.