Fightful Magazine Issue 05 (Nov/Dec 2021) - Digital Edition

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Darby Allin: Wrestling’s Next Enigmatic Star

Sid Pullar III highlights AEW’s newest ambiguous wrestler rising to fame, Darby Allin.

Jerkin’ the Curtain

The founder of Fightful, Jimmy Van, discusses the Fightful team and this issue of Fightful Magazine.

The Mailbag

Where your wrestling questions get answered by Fightful contributors.

A Tribute to Daffney Unger

Taeler Hendrix pays homage to Shannon Spruill, the woman who built Daffney.

The Return of “The Man”

Becky Lynch is back with WWE and better than ever.

Why You NEED to Watch Joshi Pro Wrestling!

There’s nothing quite like Joshi-style wrestling.

Is Alpha Academy the New Hart Foundation?

After reviewing the facts, Alpha Academy looks more and more like the modern-day Hart Foundation.

The Wrestlers’ Tribune: Shazza McKenzie

Shazza McKenzie highlights fellow Australian wrestlers and explains why we all should be paying attention to wrestling from Down Under.

Into The Fire: Dominik Mysterio's Unique Firsts In WWE

Sean Ross Sapp brings us an exclusive interview with Dominik Mysterio.

Wrestling Mega Fans

Steve Morand owns the “Greatest Wrestling Collection” (GWC) Museum, which is home to over 100,000 wrestling collectibles.

Off the Beaten Path: Revisiting “WWE All Stars”

When it comes to offshoot titles that matter, THQ’s “WWE All Stars” is in a class all its own.

The Last Word

Managing Editor of, Sean Ross Sapp, discusses the contributors from Issue 05 of Fightful Magazine.

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Fightful Magazine Issue 05 (Nov/Dec 2021) - Digital Edition