Fightful Magazine Issue 03 (July/August 2021) - Digital Edition

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Dream Match: Roman Reigns vs. Kenny Omega

Jack Goodwillie sets the stage for what a super dream match between Roman Reigns and Kenny Omega might look like.

Jerkin’ the Curtain

The founder of Fightful, Jimmy Van, looks back on the first print issue of Fightful Magazine and reminisces over memories from his childhood.

The Mailbag

Where your wrestling questions get answered by Fightful contributors.

Revisiting SummerSlam 1988

An in-depth look at the very first SummerSlam event.

This Is What Dreams Are Made Of

Taeler Hendrix profiles Tamina’s long journey to reach the top of WWE.

Part Three of An Interview With “The Dragon”

Jimmy Van brings us one of the most honest interviews from Ricky Steamboat that you’ll ever read.

Happy Accidents in Wrestling

Sometimes the best moments in wrestling are happy accidents.

The Cameo Chronicles: Roman Reigns

Take a look at how an unexpectable sound byte from Roman Reigns ended up going viral.

The Wrestlers’ Tribune: Aron Stevens

Aron Stevens uncovers the true secrets to succeed in wrestling today.

A 64-Bit, Generation-Defining Classic: Looking Back on “WWF No Mercy”

The story of how “WWF No Mercy” became one of the most recognizable wrestling games, even beyond the 64-bit era.

The Scariest 15 Minutes of My Life

An unconventional tables, ladders, and chairs match gone horribly wrong.

WWF LJN Customs: ‘80s Kids Perfecting ‘80s Toys

Erik Boyer highlights some of the best customizers in the game today.

Ronda Rousey’s Groundbreaking Career

There isn’t another female fighter who’s done more for MMA than Ronda Rousey.

The Last Word

Managing Editor of, Sean Ross Sapp, discusses some of his favorite contributors from Fightful and Issue 03 of Fightful Magazine.

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