Fightful Magazine Issue 02 (May/June 2021) - Print Edition

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The Greatest Story Never Told

Mike Straw brings forward what just might be the greatest story never told.

Jerkin’ the Curtain

The founder of Fightful, Jimmy Van, recalls what it was like starting Fightful and what the process has been like putting together Fightful Magazine.

The Mailbag

Where your wrestling questions get answered by Fightful contributors. 

Bobby Lashley’s Journey to the Top of WWE

Bobby Lashley took an unconventional path to get to where he is today.

Making A Finisher

Managing editor Sean Ross Sapp breaks down Rhino’s vicious gore in Making A Finisher.

Female Free Agents: Breakout Stars of 2021

Taeler Hendrix highlights the top female breakout stars of 2021.

Jim Neidhart’s Casino Adventure

Dann “Jarris” Pigozzo tells us about a wild night out, which happened to involve Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart.

The Michael Jordan of Wrestling Figure Collecting

Known as WWE wrestler Zach Ryder to many, Matt Cardona has taken on a whole new persona as The Michael Jordan of Wrestling Figure Collecting.

Part Two of An Interview With “The Dragon”

Jimmy Van brings us one of the most honest interviews from Ricky Steamboat that you’ll ever read.

A Story of True Victory: Looking Back on “Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!”

Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!” was a landmark title on the NES. Players today still can’t get enough of it!

Wrestling Mega Fans

“Wrestling’s Biggest Mark,” Al Ruddick, has a wrestling collection that’s out of this world.

Boxing Betrayal: The Infamous Cheats 

Carlos Toro breaks down the most infamous cheats in boxing history.

Wrestling’s Greatest Angles

According to Joe Hulbert, Flair vs. Funk may just be one of wrestling’s greatest angles.

The Last Word

Managing Editor of, Sean Ross Sapp, describes what it feels like for Fightful Magazine to become published The Last Word.

Customer Reviews

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Joshua Cwiertnia
Great content

Love having a print edition of wrestling

Magdalena Kostadinova

Fightful Magazine Issue 02 (May/June 2021) - Print Edition


Lots of fun articles displaying unique voices with a wide array of topics making for a great read. A cool revival of Pro Wrestling Magazines. Good price and quality!

Jose Torres

Great magazine, with awesome articles. I wouldn't even mind if you cut back on the quality of the paper used and reserved the high quality pages for full page pictures only.

Raymond Callahan

Fightful Magazine Issue 02 (May/June 2021) - Print Edition